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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Permits Awarded

Posted On: July 27, 2017 by Marc Neff

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has announced the names of the twenty-seven medical marijuana dispensaries that were granted permits. The dispensaries will receive their product from one of the twelve businesses that were awarded medical marijuana growing permits in Pennsylvania. The dispensaries will then supply the qualified medical marijuana patients. In order to qualify for medical marijuana you must get a certification from a doctor and have one of the seventeen serious medical conditions identified by the department.

Although there were just twenty-seven medical marijuana dispensary permits granted in the state, each of the permit holders is allowed to open three locations. However, the total amount of dispensaries expected to be opened is fifty-two because some permit holders are opting not to open additional locations. These additional locations that permit holders are permitted to open are considered secondary locations. The one restriction placed on these secondary locations is they cannot be located in the same county as the primary dispensary.

There were 280 applications for dispensary permits with a $5,000 non-refundable dispensary application fee. Notably, Philadelphia will have four dispensaries after there were no growing permits issued in the county the week before.

Just as the growers, the dispensaries will have six months to become operational or risk their permit being revoked. The expected start of a fully operational medical marijuana industry in the Commonwealth is 2018.

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