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Drug Trafficking Charges in Pennsylvania – Criminal Defense

Posted On: August 12, 2015 by Marc Neff

Attorney Marc Neff routinely handles complex drug trafficking prosecutions including large scale manufacture or distribution cases including the manufacture or distribution of large amounts of cocaine, heroin, etc.

Drug trafficking charges may be prosecuted under state or federal laws. In most drug trafficking cases, state or federal, the defendant faces a mandatory minimum prison sentence. A federal drug trafficking conviction for a Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 drug may result in a life sentence, especially for repeat offenses or if death or serious bodily injury occurs. Fines often exceed several million dollars.

Representation for Medical and Dental Professionals

Mr. Neff has also represented professionals in the medical and dental industry who have been charged with drug related criminal offenses, such as illegal distribution of prescription drugs. In addition to lengthy prison sentences, such professionals also face licensure suspensions.

Defenses in Pennsylvania Drug Trafficking Cases

Constitutional Violations – Search & Seizure Law

Drug trafficking offenses must be defended vigorously. Depending on the elements of the charged offenses, forensic experts may be hired to cast doubt on the prosecution’s theory of the case and/or forensic analysis of the drug evidence.

Constitutional violations may result in suppression of incriminating statements or evidence. Suppression of evidence obtained in violation of constitutional law may result in dismissal of the case or significant leverage for plea negotiations.

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Automobile Stop Yielding a Large Quantity of Drugs

In a recent Pennsylvania court opinion, the Pennsylvania Superior Court overturned a PWID conviction, finding that the officers’ detention of the defendant after a traffic stop was unconstitutional. See Commonwealth v. Ngyuen, (“Where the investigative detention at issue follows a lawful traffic stop, the officer must demonstrate cause for suspicion after the end of the initial stop, and independent of any basis on which he conducted the prior stop.”)(citations omitted, emphasis added). Read more about the Ngyuen case (When does a traffic stop end under constitutional law?). Because the law of automobile searches and seizures is ever changing on both the state and federal levels, it is crucial to consult with a highly qualified criminal attorney who has handled large scale drug trafficking cases.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer for Drug Trafficking Cases

For over 25 years, attorney Marc Neff has been handling criminal drug trafficking cases in Pennsylvania and has consulted on drug trafficking cases around the country. Contact the Law Offices of Marc Neff at (215) 563-9800.

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