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Is a Criminal Record Ever Really Expunged?

Posted On: June 25, 2015 by Marc Neff

Expungement is a court order to seal a criminal record. However, just because a criminal record has received an expungement order, does not necessarily mean that it is gone forever. Recently, a Pennsylvania woman who successfully had her record expunged, failed to receive housing because a private company doing criminal background checks was able to find the previous criminal convictions.

Timing is everything regarding expungement and whether or not a search by a private company will reveal a record that was supposedly destroyed by law enforcement. In Pennsylvania, buyers of data regularly receive notices that something has been expunged and it should be updated throughout their systems. However, in the short time between when a criminal record is expunged, and when these private companies receive the notices of expungement, there is possibility that the previous criminal conviction will be revealed. Indeed, these purveyors of data often have outdated information.


Expungement is the process of obtaining a court order which directs law enforcement agencies to destroy criminal records. There are certain criteria which must be met in order to obtain an expungement order. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands the process of expunction and will take the steps necessary to help clear your record.

If you have been arrested and you would like the arrest information expunged from your criminal record, or if you are currently charged with an offense, it is imperative that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. For a confidential consultation, and to determine the best course of action for your situation, contact our office via phone at (215) 563-9800, or via e-mail at

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