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United States Supreme Court Says GPS Tracking Requires a Warrant

Posted On: October 25, 2013 by Marc Neff

Antoine Jones was being investigated by the FBI and a local police department for narcotics violations. During the course of the investigation, the FBI placed a global positioning device on Jones’s vehicle without a warrant. This device tracked his movements 24 hours a day for about four weeks. The government used the tracking information in the criminal trial against Jones to show his whereabouts and to show how Jones visited the “narcotics stash house” on multiple occasions.

After numerous arguments and appeals, the Supreme Court ultimately held that “the Government’s installation of a GPS device on a target’s vehicle, and its use of that device to monitor the vehicle’s movements, constitutes a ‘search'” under the Fourth Amendment. This police action violated Jones’s reasonable expectation of privacy. This violation precluded the government from introducing the tracking information at trial against Jones.

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