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Charges Dropped Against Rapper T.I.

Posted On: November 12, 2010 by Marc Neff

Prosecutors recently dropped drug charges against rapper T.I. stemming from his September arrest in Los Angeles with his wife, Tiny. Police had stopped the two after their vehicle made an illegal U-turn, at which time officers reported smelling marijuana as they approached the car. After searching the car and its occupants, police discovered tablets of the illegal drug Ecstasy.

Although the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office elected to drop charges against the rapper, his arrest and subsequent failed drug test violated the terms of his probation for his 2007 federal felony gun conviction. T.I. served nine months in federal prison after securing an usual plea bargain which required him to complete 1500 hours of community service and remain on house arrest in exchange for a lesser sentence. He was also required to complete a probation period, upon which he remained at the time of his September arrest. As a result of violating the terms of his probation, T.I. will return to federal prison for eleven months.

Unlike her husband, who avoided state court charges because of his federal probation violation and return to federal prison, Tiny could face up to one year in jail in California if found guilty on the state possession charge.

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