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Posted On: June 16, 2008 by Marc Neff

Dr. Phil Astin pled not guilty to a 175-count indictment, alleging conspiracy and illegal distribution of prescription drugs, in Federal Court in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday. Astin was the doctor for professional wrestler Chris Benoit and is accused of providing him with illegal steroids, which led to Benoit’s mental health problems and caused him to kill himself, his wife, and his seven-year old son.

Although medical examiners could not link steroid use to Benoit’s actions in June of 2007, they allege that Astin prescribed anabolic steroids to Benoit and other patients. The 175-count indictment involves 17 patients of Dr. Astin and replaces a 7-count indictment of Dr. Astin following Benoit’s death last year.

Drug Offenses

Distribution of illegal drugs and other controlled substances is a serious crime in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and in all other states. Certain factors, such as the age of those being distributed to, affect the penalty associated with the crime. For example, trafficking drugs to minors carries a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 1-year in Pennsylvania, and the mandatory minimum increases with other aggravating factors. As a professional, being convicted of such a crime will not only have criminal implications, but professional licensure penalties as well.

If you are accused of a drug related crime, there are many defenses available to you. Call the Law Offices of Marc Neff immediately, so that we can begin assisting you in your legal matters.

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